July 12-15, 2012

ISHIB2012 – 27th Annual
International Interdisciplinary
Conference on Hypertension and
Related Cardiovascular Risk Factors
in Ethnic Populations – Miami

American College of Cardiology
- www.cardiosource.org

October 13-16 – 2011 Foundations for Practice Excellence: Core
Curriculum for the Cardiovascular Clinician – Washington

October 13-15 – 2011 Heart Valve Summit: Medical, Surgical
and Interventional Decision Making – Chicago

October 19-22 – 2011 Cardiometabolic Health Congress -

December 2-3 – How to Become a Cardiovascular Investigator
- Washington

December 9-11 – 44th Annual New York Cardiovascular
Symposium: Major Topics in Cardiology Today – New York

January 9-13 – 43rd Annual Cardiovascular Conference -
Snowmass, Colorado

January 12-14 – Cardiovascular Care Summit: Solutions for
Thriving in a Time of Change – Las Vegas

January 20-21 – 6th Annual Heart of Women’s Health -

January 27-29 – The 31st Annual Perspectives on New
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques in Clinical Cardiology -
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

American Heart Association – www.americanheart.org
November 12-13 – Resuscitation Science Symposium 2011-

American Public Health Association – www.apha.org
October 29-November 2 – Annual Meeting: Healthy
Communities Promote Healthy Minds and Bodies – Washington

Association of Black Cardiologists – www.abcardio.org
October 29 – Saving Hearts for Generations 2nd Annual Awards
Dinner – Washington

November 12 – 24th Annual Dr. Walter M. Booker, Sr.
Symposium – Orlando

European Society of Cardiology – www.escardio.org
December 7-10 – EUROECHO 2011 – Budapest

International Diabetes Federation – www.idf.org
December 4-8 – World Diabetes Congress – Dubai

Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association
Fall Lecture Series – October 1 – Cincinnati & Denver; October
15 – Rochester; October 22 – Philadelphia; October 29 – Akron,
Asheville & Jacksonville; November 5 – Charlottesville, VA

In keeping with the tradition of ISHIB bringing patient education to the community, on November 19, 2011,ISHIB will conduct a health fair in New Orleans. The health fair will feature disease screenings, onsite physician consultations, and patient and lay caregiver educational sessions.

In coordination with the ISHIB IMPACT Campaign, this ISHIB IMPACT Risk Test, Outreach, and Patient Education Health Fair will be held at The Wisdom Reception Center, 1359 St. Bernard Avenue in New Orleans. ISHIB Immediate Past President Shawna M. Nesbitt, MD, MS, along with ISHIB Board Member and New Orleans native, Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA, will co-chair the program and lead patient education sessions at the event.

The health fair will also focus on social determinants of health. CDC defines these determinants as circumstances through which people are born, grow up, live, work, and age, as well as systems for preventing, treating and controlling illness. These circumstances are, in turn, shaped by a wider set of forces: economics, social policies, and politics.

Partnering with local organizations, the Health Fair is targeted to a high-risk, under-served New Orleans minority population. Because of social determinants, these individuals often do not visit local health care facilities until disease appears. These inner-city Black men are often missed in traditional church or shopping center screenings and health fairs. In partnership with the Black Men of Labor, ISHIB anticipates more than 100 attendees including patients, their families, and lay caregivers.

Just as ISHIB physician education provides the important foundation for reducing CVD and related risk in ethnic populations, we hope to provide more patient education programs to promote patient awareness, self care, and local involvement one community at a time. Stay tuned for similar programs throughout the United States in 2012.

This IMPACT Campaign event is supported by an unrestricted educational contribution Novartis Pharmaceuticals.


ISHIB has been hard at work on its clinical study, the IMPACT Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Toolkit Study. According to Wallace Johnson, MD, principal investigator, study participants are receiving the study well. Enrollment is still underway and has faced some challenges due to age and BMI. Yet, monthly follow-up visits for those enrolled are at 90%!

Dwyan Monroe, program coordinator, is tracking patient reactions and reports such positive remarks as: “I am feeling better already since I have been in this study. ” “I had some trouble at first but now I utilize all of the tools and am getting used to it.” “I am glad there is something to help me with my high blood pressure.”

The study site is very supportive and helpful for administering the CV Toolkit Study. Patients in the intervention arm are enjoying the user-friendly tools and, patients in the usual care arm appear to be monitoring their blood pressure more often. “As the program coordinator/patient recruiter, I look forward to share in our participants’ excitement as they make personal behavior changes that could potentially save their lives” said Mr.Monroe.


The last issue of Volume 21 will be released in early November. Within this issue, you’ll find four original reports covering cancer-related topics such as: cervical cancer screening, breast cancer risk and physical activity, colonoscopy safety, and HPV vaccine.

The issue also contains articles on cardiovascular disease and other risk factors, pain management, obesity, diabetes, research design, and public health.