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HTN CME PROGRAM: Resistant Hypertension: Incorporating Clinical Guidelines Into Practice Faculty presenters include Drs. Domenic Sica, Jan Basile and David Kountz.
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HTN CME PROGRAM: Practical Strategies to Reduce HF Hospitalizations in African American Patients Faculty presenters include Drs. Jim Januzzi, Clyde Yancy and Inder Anand.
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With great enthusiasm for the future, Ethnicity & Disease editorial board announces that the journal will be launching an online portal. For more information click here.
Keith C. Norris, MD, PhD

ISHIB Lifetime Board Member Dr. James Reed responds to the JNC8 guideline in ACP Internist article: “For hypertension, how low to go?”
From the April ACP Internist, copyright © 2014 by the American College of Physicians

ISHIB Recognizes African-American Pioneers in Medicine.
Explore the profiles of six pioneers who held themselves to a standard of excellence, although the odds were stacked against them.

ISHIB Participates in 2012 Global Diabetes Summit in Columbus, OH
The scientific meeting, themed “New Horizons in Diabetes: Genetics to Personalized Health Care” brought together international diabetes experts who presented the latest outcomes in diabetes research.

ISHIB Patient Portal
Living life to the fullest is important at any age, which is why the International Society on Hypertension in Blacks (ISHIB) would like to make you aware of a new study on healthy aging and independence.

BP IMPACT is a mobile health app that allows users to track the impact of diet, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction on blood pressure.
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CV Toolkit Study
The ISHIB IMPACT CV Risk Reduction Toolkit Research Study aims to identify interventions to overcome healthcare disparities in African Americans and other underserved populations with uncontrolled hypertension by offering culturally sensitive strategies for sustained therapeutic lifestyle change and guideline compliance.

ISHIB Consensus Statements
Through the publication of its Consensus Statement on the Management of High Blood Pressure in Blacks in this week’s issue of Hypertension, ISHIB today released new recommendations recognizing that high blood pressure among African Americans is a severe health problem.

DOC Toolkit Study
ISHIB has expanded its reach to metabolic risk factors. The ISHIB Diabetes and Obesity Consortium (DOC) operates under the principles that medication adherence, aggressive management and cultural sensitivity is necessary for effective disease management. Using these guiding principles ISHIB DOC has developed the ISHIB DOC Legs for Life campaign.
Learn more about the ISHIB DOC Legs for Life campaign

“Friend of ISHIB” Campaign
The ongoing economic uncertainty that we have faced over the past four years has also produced a profound effect on many not-for profit organizations. Here is where you can help.